94.3 WQCM's Rock Workforce Payroll

94-3 QCM is hiring for the best job in the Tri-State!

We want to pay you $50 per hour just for listening to 94.3 WQCM at work. Just fill out the short, simple application on this page below
Then, beginning on Monday, March 31st and every weekday through Friday, May 9th, starting at 9am, we'll announce the name of the applicant we're trying to hire.  That person will have 10 minutes to call 1-877-709-9430 or 717-709-9430, report for work and start earning $50 per hour just for listening to 94.3 WQCM.

We will attempt to hire a new applicant at the start of every hour through 4pm. If someone fails to respond and show up for work, the current employee stays on the clock and continues to earn $50 per hour.

Every Thursday will include double pay. Every applicant that is on the WQCM Rock Workforce Payroll on a Thursday will receive $100 for each hour they are on the clock instead of the normal $50 per hour. The $100/hour rate only applies to the hours that are worked on Thursday and does not carry over to hours worked on any other day. 

Fill out the application now. For a complete list of rules, click here.
Rock Workforce Payroll Winners:


Ryan Baer, Smithsburg, MD $50
Stephanie Rennekamp, Waynesboro, PA $50
Jim Showe, Hagerstown, MD $100
Karen Dixon, Sharpsburg, MD $100
Linda Barnes, Shippensburg, PA $100

John Adams, Falling Waters, WV $50
Jeff Briggs, Greencastle, PA $50
Devon Highlands, Shippensburg, PA $50
Tara Shilling, Waynesboro, PA $50
Steven Burton, Greencastle, PA $150

Russel Davis, Clear Spring, MD $1,000

Kindra Kotmair, Dry Run, PA $100
Jennifer Collier, Waynesboro, PA $150

Jeff Fox, Hagerstown, MD $50
Ashley Knechtel, Waynesboro, PA $100
Jill Crook, Hagerstown, MD $50
Dave Runyon, Chambersburg, PA $250

Brent Neville, Chambersburg, PA $150
Fred Lauver, Chambersburg, PA $100
James Brough, St. Thomas, PA $50

Troy Aldridge, Waynesboro, PA $150
Angie Shindle, Greencastle, PA $50
Nathan Green, Waynesboro, PA $100
Tom Hills, Waynesboro, PA $50
Bernadette Bowman, Chambersburg, PA $50

Erin Garnand, Greencastle, PA $50
Douglas Myers, Hagerstown, MD $50
Tammy Helman, Chambersburg, PA $50
Eugene Butler, Fayetteville, PA $50
John Faust, Chambersburg, PA $50
Chelcie Botzan, Greencastle, PA $250

Lisa Eckstine, Mercersburg, PA $100
Bill Scott, Chambersburg, PA $300
Kelly Lefferts, Hagerstown, MD $500

Chris Sellers, Greencastle, PA $50
Erin Simons, Funkstown, MD $50
Kristen Lincks, Boonsboro, MD $50
Cody Nocton, Waynesboro, PA $100

Jerry Scruggs, Fayetteville, PA $100
Marisela Cash, Waynesboro, PA $50
Cassandra Griffith, Falling Waters, WV $50
Natosha Fitzgerald, Hagerstown, MD $50
Kenny Cross, Hagerstown, MD $50
Kera DeCarli, Greencastle, PA $150

Dan Allis, Mont Alto, PA $100
Shawn Talhelm, Greencastle, PA $150
Misty Longfellow, Hagerstown, MD $100

Steve Strohm, Shippensburg, PA $100
Shantell Shubert, Hagerstown, MD $50
Sean Fridinger, Waynesboro, PA $100
Wanda Blank, Hagerstown, MD $200

Deanna Flory, Fayetteville, PA $100
Shane Houpt, St. Thomas, PA $100
Marshall Kennedy, Fairfield, PA $200
Doc Halliday, Hagerstown, MD $100
Kayla Fitzgerald, Hagerstown, MD $100
CJ Lovelace, Jr., Hagerstown, MD $100

Rick Dowdy, Upper Strasburg, PA $100
Dawn Holden, Waynesboro, PA $50
Cody Laman, Shippensburg, PA $250

Todd Barkdoll, Sr., Waynesboro, PA $50
Ed Lawson, Chambersburg, PA $50
Tosha Daley, Greencastle, PA $50
Michael Miller, Smithsburg, MD $50
Greg Ahern, Martinsburg, WV $150
Kristi Hershey, Chambersburg, PA $50

Dave Rolls, Waynesboro, PA $100
Dustin Baker, Greencastle, PA $100
Ashley Patmon, Keedysville, MD $100
Steven Myers, Greencastle, PA $100

Jeff Kirkpatrick, Waynesboro, PA $50
Chrystal Davis, Shippensburg, PA $50
Samuel McJonathan, Waynesboro, PA $100
Michael Fox, Cascade, MD $50
Jen Weaver, Greencastle, PA



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