Experts Reveal Number One Predictor of Divorce

No two marriages end in the same way. But when looking at the larger picture, patterns emerge. And, prior to divorce, there are some key factors that stand out more than others.

But what is the most common predictor of divorce?

The number one reason professionals cited was failing to take accountability for one’s own flaws.

Marriage is easy when the sex is hot, the money is rolling in, and the kids are getting straight As. “But when the going gets rough, that’s when people either retreat to their own corners, declare war, collapse into tears, or abandon ship,” says Dr. Fran Walfish, a family therapist in Beverly Hills. This often boils down to an unwillingness to love the other person while accepting their flaws and failing to acknowledge your own.

“It’s easy to look at our partners versus looking at ourselves as the problem,” she says. “The key to all successful relationships is accountability, and that means having the courage to look within yourself, examine and own up to your own part of the equation.”




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