Final Chapter of Tom Brady “Tom vs Time” Documentary Delayed Due To Super Bowl Loss

If you’ve been watching the Tom Brady documentary “Tom vs Time”, you’ll have to wait a little while for the sixth and final chapter because of the Patriots loss to the Eagles in the Super Bowl.

“Everyone keeps asking me about Chapter 6 of ‘Tom vs Time’ and when it’s going to be ready,” filmmaker Gotham Chopra¬†wrote on Facebook this week. “The truth is we had a plan, but unconsciously, it was tied to the Pats winning the Super Bowl and, when that didn’t happen (congrats,¬†Eagles!), I felt like we needed to pause and recalibrate.”

For all you Eagles fans out there, that should make you extra happy: Not only did your favorite team win the Super Bowl, but they also threw a giant wrench into the release timeline for Brady’s documentary.

Part 6 is still going to happen, it’s just going to have a different ending. “While we have amazing stuff from the playoff run, Tom’s hand injury and the great comeback in the AFC Championship, once the Super Bowl played out, I started to wonder the relevance of all that other stuff and determined that we really needed one final exit interview with our guy before we could figure out what Chapter 6 was truly going to be about,” Chopra wrote.

There is no set date for the release of Chapter 6.




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