• Appetite for Destruction is a classic rock album, but apparently there were some fun behind the scenes moments.
  • Micajah Ryan, the sound engineer for the Guns ‘N Roses album, said that guitarist Slash had an interesting habit.
  • On an episode of the Full Bloom podcast, Ryan revealed that Slash liked to make faces during solos…and would occasionally drool.
  • “He concentrates so hard when he’s doing the solos that his lower lip protrudes, and his drool — saliva pools in his lower lip — and it will eventually spill over into long strings of saliva all the way down to the ground,” recalled Ryan.
  • And it happened in the studio countless times. He’s so focused when he plays, he doesn’t realize he’s drooling, or doesn’t care. I never did figure out which one it was, whether he didn’t realize it or he didn’t care,” Ryan added.


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