Australian Couple Fined For Violating Stay-at-Home Order After Posting Vacation Pics From Last Year

Australian couple Jaz and Garry Mott thought nothing of posting and tagging themselves in 12 photos from a vacation to the town of Lakes Entrance (about two hours from their home) that were taken a year ago.

They posted the pics on Facebook on April 5th. Apparently local cops thought the pics were taken during the coronavirus lockdown and issued them a $2,100 fine for supposedly violating the current stay-at-home order.

After calling the police station to explain, the couple was still told to pay up.

After taking the story to the local press, the cops rescinded the fine but threatened to punish them if they posted more photos, no matter when they were from.

“The Sergeant told me if I posted any more photos I will be arrested,” Jaz Mott said.

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