Baltimore Uber Driver Rips Chargers While Unknowingly Driving L.A. Player Melvin Gordon


If Melvin Gordon’s Uber driver doesn’t get a five-star rating for his latest ride, it’s probably because he spent most of the drive ripping Melvin Gordon’s team.

The Chargers running back needed a ride somewhere on Saturday, so he did what any normal person would do: He called an Uber, and that’s when the fun started.

As soon as Gordon got in the car, one of the first questions he asked his driver was if he thought the Ravens were going to win the Super Bowl.

“Man, listen. You see the enthusiasm and the motivation,” the driver said. “They are playing as a team.”

Gordon then asked the driver if he thought the Chargers also had a chance to win the Super Bowl and that’s when the driver decided to take a shot at Philip Rivers.

“Oh, hell no,” the driver said of the Chargers Super Bowl chances. “Philip Rivers, you don’t even have to worry.”

Gordon pointed out that Rivers is actually a future Hall of Famer, but even then, the driver still wasn’t impressed.

“Listen, that don’t make no difference,” the driver said. “[Lamar Jackson] is a Heisman Trophy winner, because you got two Heisman Trophy winners over there now. He played a Heisman Trophy winner last week and beat him.”

If that’s a little confusing, the driver is referring to the fact that the Ravens have two Heisman winning quarterbacks in Jackson and Robert Griffin. The driver is also pointing out that Jackson beat fellow Heisman winner Baker Mayfield in Week 17.

When the driver found out that Gordon was a Chargers fan, he changed his tone slightly, he said he would root for Rivers.

“You here to go see Philip Rivers tomorrow? Listen, I’m going to pull for Phil Rivers to get up off the ground because they’re going to put him on the ground,” the driver said. “The Chargers were 12-2 or something like that. The Chargers have been doing really good.”

When Gordon asked the driver what he thought of Chargers running back Melvin Gordon — keep in mind, the driver didn’t know he was driving Melvin Gordon — he gave a pretty friendly answer.

“Oh yea, he’s something,” the driver said.




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