• Over the years, the members of Black Sabbath have made no secret of the fact that only one thing rivaled their love of music: their love of cocaine.
  • The band, which reportedly spent more money on coke while recording their album Vol. 4 than they did on the actual recording process, even came close to naming the album after the song “Snowblind” as a tribute to the white, powdery drug, says ex-lead singer Ozzy Osbourne. “For me, Snowblind was one of Black Sabbath’s best-ever albums,” he says. “Although the record company wouldn’t let us keep the title, ‘cause in those days cocaine was a big deal, and they didn’t’ want the hassle of a controversy.”
  • To get their supply of coke past border agents while they were on tour, the members of the classic band hollowed out several amplifiers and filled them with the drug, Osbourne says. They bogus amps would then arrive along with the rest of the band’s equipment, he adds. “The coke was good when it was working,” Osbourne says. “We used to sniff and jam for days, recording everything on big spools of tape. But it was the beginning of the end. Cocaine was the cancer of the band.”


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