Burglar Who Injured Genitals During Robbery Sues Shopkeeper

Ridiculous lawsuits are not just a problem in the U.S. In Ireland, a shopkeeper is allegedly being sued by a burglar who injured himself while breaking into his shop.

The shop in Kingscourt, Cavan, was broken into by three men in November 2015 who used a sledgehammer to gain entry.

As the men attempted to get away, they were arrested by armed Gardaí arriving at the scene.

The men were given suspended sentences for their roles in the burglary.

It has since been discovered that one of the the men sustained injuries in his haste to get away.

The shopkeeper named Kevin told broadcaster Joe Duffy that the burglar ran into a shelf as he was trying to leave and injured his genitals.

Speaking to RTÉ’s liveline, Kevin said: “It was probably dark in the store and I think he injured himself on a shelf or a unit… He had a cut to his scrotum.

“Reading the medical report on it, he didn’t get a stitch to it. He had one of those [steri] strips and was brought back to the Garda Station.” He said.

“I got a letter from his solicitor asking me to take all responsibility for the accident,” Kevin said.

“My solicitor advised me to wait and see. We didn’t do anything. His solicitor then, obviously lodged it with PIAB (Personal Injuries Assessment Board) and we then got the letter from PIAB. If we wanted to take part it would cost us €600,” he continued.

The shopkeeper said that he has had to replace the door at the back of his shop and that the burglars destroyed CCTV evidence of the incident.




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