Costco Employees Share The Most Ridiculous Things Customers Have Tried To Return

One of the best things about Costco is its extraordinarily generous return policy. Costco will take just about anything back, for whatever reason. That’s really nice for people who might want to try something they don’t like, or who would otherwise not take a risk on a very large or expensive item. But some people out there are really stretching the limit of what is an acceptable thing to take back to the store.

But aside from a few reasonable exceptions, Costco will take just about anything back. That has led to some customer shenanigans over the years. Recently, over on the Costco forum on Reddit, a poster going by pinkieb18 asked, “What is the most ridiculous thing you’ve seen returned at Costco?”

Here are some of the highlights from the Costco return desk.

1. A Christmas tree — in January

One of the most egregious examples was this past January, when a woman tried to return a whole, dead Christmas tree to Costco and asked for a refund because it had died. It’s a Christmas tree. They do that! If you make it past December 25, you just have to haul your tree to the curb like everybody else. The man in line at the Costco returns counter behind the lady with the tree took a photo of her, and she wound up in the news. She did get the refund, though.

2. A full flatbed cart of eggs

“A full flatbed cart of eggs,” a user going by baahbaahsheep wrote. “It made us so angry, since we knew they’d all have to be thrown away.”

3. A 7-year-old dog bed

“Used dog bed (from 2011). Covered in hair, filthy, stinky, just gross. Obviously used without issue for 7 freaking years,” wrote a user going by somuchlavender.

4. Anything with a VHS component

“Heard someone returned a blender with a VHS instruction video from 2005 a couple days ago,” a user going by Rubyred88 wrote.

5. A used cat litter box

“Cat litter box. Still full of cat litter. It stank up receiving for weeks afterwards,” wrote a poster called sarynkitamo. “Also a 10 year old garden hose ‘because it had cracks in it’.”

6. A giant lump of former gummy bears

“My mom always bought those huge bags of gummy bears. She left an unopened one in her car, for who knows how long, during the summer and it melted into a giant gummy log, no sign of bears anymore,” wrote a poster going by CoolMilo. “She took it back and they let her return it.”




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