Customer Leaves $2,500 Tip To Support Staff Of Ohio Bar Closing Because of Coronavirus

The Coronavirus threat has brought out the worst in people in many ways, but there was at least one good deed that came out of it this Sunday.

Just like many restaurants and bars across the country, Coaches Bar and Grill in Columbus, Ohio was ordered to shut down to help stop the spread of the virus.

Unfortunately, the was going to hurt the wait staff who will not have a paycheck until the establishment is allowed to reopen.

But one customer, only identified as a regular who liked to come play trivia, left a $2,500 tip on a $30 order of beer and food and instructed them to split it evenly among the staff.

“There were tears of joy among everyone here,” Owner Patrick “Benny” Leonard told CNN. “On a day when I’ve never seen a shutdown like that, I’ve never seen a tip like that either.”
“You go to the store and we have people fighting over toilet paper,” Leonard said. “To have a person sitting here and do that, it’s amazing,” Leonard said. “This is where we should all be. The more we have of this, the better the country will roll through these unprecedented times.”

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