Fans Are Angry Vinnie Paul Was Excluded From The Grammy In Memoriam Tribute

The Grammys aren’t exactly popular with the metal community, and the awards show didn’t do itself any favors by leaving Vinnie Paul out of its In Memoriam segment.

Many fans took to social media to criticize the Grammys for not including the late Pantera and HELLYEAH drummer, who died June 2018 at age 54.

One wrote, “I understand the #Grammys mostly hate rock music, but really leaving off Vinnie Paul of the In Memoriam? I mean I’m not surprised, but cmon.”

“Can’t even pay respect to the late great Vinnie Paul in your In memoriam,” another said. “@Pantera was only nominated 4 times for a Grammy. No big deal I guess. No respect for metal and rock music. Shameful.”

While Paul was not included in the televised In Memoriam video, his name is listed on the In Memoriam page on the Grammy website.




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