FCC Nails Man Responsible For 96 Million Robocalls With Huge Fine

If you ever wondered why nobody ever seems to do anything about annoying telemarketers, well the FCC has finally lowered the boom on a man responsible for over 96 million robocalls.

Adrian Abramovich, the Miami man behind the scheme, was ordered to pay a $120 million fine this week as punishment for scamming millions of people with more than 96 million robocalls over a three-month period in 2016.

His company would disguise caller ID numbers to look like they were a legitimate local call to get people to pick up. While robocalls themselves aren’t illegal, it is illegal to “spoof” caller ID information, which is exactly what the FCC says Abramovich did.

Unsuspecting people would pick up what they thought was a legitimate call only to be greeted with pre-recorded messages trying to sell timeshares or other vacation packages.

Oddly enough, it was TripAdvisor that tipped off the FCC about Abramovich. The travel company had launched its own investigation into the calls after hearing complaints that its name was being used to sell the vacation packages. Their investigation traced the calls back to the company managed by Abramovich.

The historic $120 million fine is the largest to ever brought by the FCC, according to a statement from FCC commissioner Ajit Pai.

“Our decision sends a loud and clear message: this FCC is an active cop on the beat and will throw the book at anyone who violates our spoofing and robocall rules and harms consumers.”

This is great news for all of us.




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