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Felicity Huffman and Lori Loughlins’s TV Characters Both Participated In School Scams

Before facing their own legal troubles, Felicity Huffman and Lori Loughlin’s iconic TV characters were involved similar school scams.

Amid Huffman’s legal troubles, an old storyline from Desperate Housewives has resurfaced, which involved Huffman’s character Lynette Scavo and husband Tom Scavo (Doug Savant) trying to get their twin sons into an elite private school. During the episode, the couple meets with the Barcliff Academy headmaster, who tells them, “Your children’s educational background is a bit more common than we would prefer.”

Lynette later informs Tom that they’re “in competition” with one other family and that a “generous donation will ensure the kids beat ’em out.”

“How generous?” Tom asks.

“$15,000,” Lynette replies, the same amount Huffman and Macy allegedly paid in the college scheme.

Lynette and Tom end up selling his boat in order to get the funds for the “endowment.”

An old episode of Full House has also sparked a frenzy on social media. On season six of the hit series, there’s an episode entitled, “Be True to Your Pre-School.”

During the episode, Loughlin’s character Aunt Becky and Uncle Jesse (John Stamos) try to get their twin sons into “one of the best pre-schools in the Bay Area,” Bouton Hall. After being told by their friends not to let their kids “fall behind,” Becky and Jesse feel pressure to check out the school.

While looking at the application, a nervous Jesse is encouraged by Joey (Dave Coulier) to give Nicky and Alex “a little edge” by lying.




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