Washington Post writer, Nancy French recently shared a story about how she and her new husband’s marriage almost ended because they ended up getting David Lee Roth’s old phone number when they moved to New York City.

Nancy had coincidentally married a man named David in the 1980s and things went downhill fast.

“My life was as romantic as a love song, then, after one week of marriage, the phone rang.”, she said.

After receiving calls from women asking to speak with David, her husband would say it was the wrong number and hang up. After awhile she became suspicious.

But fortunately David Lee Roth’s agent called and cleared things up.

“Apparently, the rock star had changed his number right before we moved to Manhattan but still gave out his old number to women he met but wanted to let down easily,” French wrote. “Later that year, he appeared on MTV with Van Halen. When rumors of them getting back together started flying, our phone rang with congratulations and invitations to exclusive parties.”

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