Late Season Snowstorms Not That Uncommon In The Tri-State

Even though this week’s big snowstorm came on the first day of Spring, it turns out that snowfall this late into the year is not as rare as it might seem in the Tri-State area.

Just last year we received 7.4 inches on March 13th and 14th according to the Hagerstown Weather Website. There have also been a number of big snows in mid March like the 20 inches of snow that fell March 13th, 1993.

Here is a list of recent snowfalls that have occurred on March 20th or later:

1.8 inches 03/20/15

1.8 inches 03/25/14

4.2 inches 03/25/13

2.0 inches 03/30/03

0.4 inches 04/07/03

0.5 inches 04/09/00

Going back many years, there was the 6.5 inches that fell on 03/29/84 (the day Colts fans will remember when they packed the moving van and left Baltimore for Indianapolis in the storm).

Perhaps the most astounding were a couple of late season storms that happened before most of us were alive. On March 29th and 30th of 1942, 23 inches of snow fell. And on April 28th of 1928 we received 3.5 inches of snow. That is the latest any measurable snowfall has fallen in the Hagerstown area.




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