Lawsuit Claims Woman Injured By Drag Queen’s Fake Breast

Add this to the list of strange lawsuits. A woman is suing a Florida restaurant for $1.5 million, alleging she suffered injuries as a result of an encounter with a drag performer’s fake breast.

Neldin Molina’s lawsuit against Hamburger Mary’s in Tampa states she was dining with friends and family members to celebrate a friend’s birthday in May 2015.

Molina’s lawsuit alleges she was unaware of the drag show until it began during her meal and she watched for a short time before turning her back to the stage to eat and socialize with her fellow diners.

The suit claims a performer identified as Amanda D’Hod pointed at Molina when she turned around again and began to walk toward her table. Molina alleges she turned her back to the performer to signal she did not want to draw attention to herself, but the drag queen allegedly grabbed her by the head and “wiggled her breast against the Plaintiff’s face and head eight times.”

The performer then “violently” pounded Molina’s face against the fake breast “up to nine times.”

Molina said she felt an immediate headache and neck pain and later visited the emergency room at Memorial Hospital of Tampa for “excruciating cervical pain and uncontrollable headaches.”




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