New pill to determine your next unwanted gas outburst !!

Scientists are always hoping to come up with some new ground breaking thing to help mankind. Well there are a group of researchers in Australia that would be happy with breaking wind.

The team developed an ingestible electronic capsule to monitor those gas levels have reached maximum effect in the human stomach. The device is paired with a pocket-sized receiver and a mobile phone app, the pill then reports rumbling conditions in real time as it passes from the stomach to the colon. The researchers, led by Kourosh Kalantar-Zadeh of RMIT University and Peter Gibson of Monash University, reported their invention Monday in Nature Electronics.

“Our pilot trial illustrated the significant potential role for electronic-based gas-sensing capsules in understanding functional aspects of the intestine and its microbiota in health and in response to dietary changes,” the researchers concluded.

Toot tracker

For their pilot study, the researchers beefed up a prototype they had previously tested in pigs. The capsule is 26mm in length, with a 9.8mm external diameter—like a large vitamin. Its polymer shell surrounds sensors for temperature, CO2, H2, and O2, as well as a button-size silver oxide battery and a transmission system. One end of the capsule contains a gas-permeable membrane that allows for fast diffusion of gut gases.

“It might not be too long before a routine healthcare visit involves a check of your vital signs and a request to swallow a tiny electronic monitoring device, men if the wife goes along for the check-up you she’s going to say take the pill stinky !!!!







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