“PlaneHub?” Man Caught Watching Obscene Content Mid-Flight

This was not your typical in-flight entertainment.

A major airline is looking into a woman’s claims that she was subjected to harassment by a passenger who was allegedly watching porn on his iPad during a flight.

According to reports, the woman was on a flight from Las Vegas to Philadelphia and shortly after takeoff,  the man sitting next to her pulled out his iPad and began watching porn and the tablet wasn’t the only thing that he pulled out either.

The victim of the alleged crude behavior stated that her companion spent the duration of the flight spanking the monkey and he grabbed her arm when he was “finishing” and that she was too intimidated to notify the flight crew, instead she sent out tweets to @SouthwestAir to make them aware of her plight.

As soon as he turned his iPad on, she said, she could see a pornographic video loaded in his browser. At first she thought it was an embarrassing mistake on the man’s part, but soon observed him watch “video after video like it was nothing.”

“The first time he was ‘finishing,’ he used his left hand and gripped my right forearm, pinning it down to the arm rest between us,” the woman told Fox News. “It made it clear to me how strong he was, given how forceful his grip was, which is why I felt uncomfortable and reached out to SW on Twitter — hoping they’d ask my seat number and notify someone.

FYI as the jerk got off the flight, he waited with me, and as the plane emptied, he looked at me, told me he hoped I enjoyed the show, patted my head, and then left.




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