Promoters Say They Aren’t Expecting Any Large Concerts Until Summer of 2021

As more and more concert tours are being cancelled or postponed, it’s becoming more and more apparent that live music promoters are conceding that nothing of any significance is going to happen the rest of this year.

Even though local governments in some places have given their blessing for some concerts to take place, a number of executives in the industry have given up on anything of any size being able to happen in 2020.

In a New York Times article, Live Nation president Joe Berchtold said, “While we think that phenomenal strides are being made in both cases, given the lead time involved in planning major concert tours, and the uncertainties that exist today, we don’t expect a large volume of major tours in the fall.”

AEG chairman Jay Marciano added that “it doesn’t seem likely we are going to open in the fall.” On the artist side, CAA agent Rich Roskin said that “for the artists we represent, we believe it’s safer to move to 2021.”

And while some large festivals have been rescheduled for the fall, it’s not likely they’re going to happen at this point either if you believe industry insiders.


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