Rapper Ludacris Has Been Secretly Buying Groceries For Strangers For Years

Ludacris has been out here committing random acts of kindness in the form of buying groceries for strangers at Atlanta supermarkets for “years and years.”

According to the New York Times, which investigated over a hundred social-media claims that someone named Chris — LudaCRIS — had been covering people’s grocery bills in person by just regularly showing up at Whole Foods, Sprouts Fresh Market, Publix and Costco, and offering to randomly pay for customers’ groceries.

The Times confirmed with Ludacris’s manager that, yes, it’s him and don’t question it: “Funny thing, Luda does these things all the time. But he doesn’t want to do interviews to highlight it. It’s just his heart.”

And according to the Times, Ludacris also does his own food shopping: “From time to time he shops his self.”




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