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  • Many believe the rise of grunge is what brought an end to the era of hair metal, but Ratt’s Stephen Pearcy disagrees.
  • The singer was asked in a new interview if grunge is what led to Ratt splitting up in 1992. He said, “A lot of people think grunge had a huge impact on us, but at that point, it really had nothing to do with what happened to Ratt. I mean… we can claim partial ownership for the music that came out of the early ’80s, but by the time the decade ended … the scene was totally flooded with cookie-cutter bands. That was as big of an issue as anything.”
  • Pearcy added, “ … The whole world was filled with mini-Motleys and mini-Ratts, and it just got to be too much. And so, things went from being amazing to being the absolute worst very quickly. When everyone is making the same music, using the same producers, and the same video directors, you’re going to have a problem.”


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