• Judas Priest is the Rodney Dangerfield of heavy metal.
  • That’s according to lead singer Rob Halford, who says the band gets “no respect” from the industry – and Priest’s upcoming Musical Excellence Award from the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame is an example of that. Halford says when he first heard the Rock Hall had decided to give the award to the band, he thought, “Why haven’t they given us the same title as all of our friends? Black Sabbath, for example. There’s a different tag, isn’t there?”
  • The Rock Hall gives the Musical Excellence Award to acts that have had a dramatic impact on music — without necessarily inducting them as performers. The only other act to receive the award so far was the E Street Band, a backing band. “I know it’s silly, but it’s just frustrating,” Halford says. “And on the other side, it’s like, ‘Great. Everybody else got that and we got shafted with this.’ Judas Priest are still the Rodney Dangerfield of heavy metal. They can’t get no respect.”


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