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  • Sharon Osbourne has truly loved Ozzy Osbourne regardless of what has happened in their decades-long relationship.
  • She told the ‘Mirror,’ “No matter how much bad behavior or who’s wrong or right in a certain situation, I love him. He’s the only man other than my dad that I’ve ever loved. I just adore him. And I knew what he was before I married him.”
  • Sharon continued, “But in my youth, being naïve, I thought, ‘I can change Ozzy. He won’t drink when he’s with me. I’ll make him a nice home and nest and we’ll be happy ever after.’ But that’s not real life. I knew what he was. I knew he had addictions and I took it on.”
  • She added, “He’s always been inappropriate with women. We have a nurse at home, quite a large Russian lady, and she bent over him and he goes, ‘Tell me, did you breastfeed your kids?’ And I’m like, ‘You cannot say those things now. The world today is different. You cannot talk to a woman like that. You can get into trouble.’ He goes, ‘But for what?’ There’s no filter at all. He’s got Tourette’s with the truth. It just comes out.”


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