Steve Perry Officially Squashes Any Chance Of a Journey Reunion

Steve Perry touched on his feelings about his former Journey co-writers, suggesting that he felt love for Neal Schon but disregard for Jonathan Cain, while also strongly dismissing the idea of working with Schon again.

Perry’s comeback album, Traces, which was released last week, marks his return to music after nearly 25 years of absence. The news that he was back in business inevitably led to speculation about a Journey reunion, which Perry has regularly rejected. In a new interview with Rolling Stone, he was asked about Schon’s comments that the pair could collaborate on a project that had nothing to do with Journey.

“I’m not sure that’s possible without stirring up hopes of a reunion,” Perry said. “Please listen to me. I left the band 31 fucking years ago, my friend. You can still love someone, but not want to work with them. And if they only love you because they want to work with you, that doesn’t feel good to me.”

It was reported that “a look of disgust” appeared on Perry’s face when he was asked about Cain’s recent memoir. “I don’t really care to read Jonathan’s book,” he said. “And I’d appreciate if you didn’t tell me about it. I don’t need to know. It’s none of my business.”

Schon responded to the article with several tweets, including one in which he issued “a couple of corrections.” He said his main ambition was to “rekindle” his relationship with Perry “with 0 pressure.” In another tweet he added, “It does seem that he’s a bit POed with anyone bringing my name. Well as I’ve said many times you can not deny Natural chemistry we had between both of us. That’s never going away so if all we have for the future that’s ok.”




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