At 72 years old, Stevie Nicks is the first to admit time has taken a bit of a toll on her looks. But after a bad experience with Botox, she says she’ll never go down that road again — and she’s advising others to avoid it as well.

In a new interview with The Guardian, the Fleetwood Mac star says she once attempted to erase her wrinkles by getting Botox injections — but instead ended up looking evil. “Let me tell you, Botox only makes you look like you’re in a satanic cult,” she says. “I only had it once and it destroyed my face for four months. I would look in the mirror and try and lift my eyebrow and go, ‘Oh, there you are, Satan’s angry daughter.’ Never again.”

Nicks goes on to say the experience has left her with a keen ability to spot other Botox users. “I watch a lot of news and I see all the lady newscasters looking like Satan’s angry daughters, too,” she says.


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